[ONE] ||| Just Some Of Her Trinkets

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Shelves: [noctis] | Belliss’s Mantle Shelf

Top Shelf Left To Right:

Lamp: Atelier Visconti  | Rover Brain Lamp

Rabbit: {vespertine} | skully rabbit RARE {gacha}

Cat: {vespertine} | skully chubby kitty {gacha}

Stuffed Bear Head: [noctis] | taxi teddy/red

Hand: {vespertine} | zodiac hand. | all seeing eye hand. | read my destiny hand.

Caravan: PILOT  | Flea Circus Caravan {gacha}

Voodoo Doll: Madpea | Voodoo Valentine – Wheel Of Love – RARE {gacha}

Head: {anc} Ltd. | lapin. torso.A 1Li {gacha}

Foxes: ISPACHI | The Arrival – Frolicking Foxes {gacha}

Bottom Shelf Left To Right:

Sign: Seven Emporium | 7 – Jesus Is Coming

Jug: Consignment | Photo Jug

Doll: Baiastice | BJD Collection-Gas RARE {gacha}

Bottles: LISP | Victorian Poison Bottles

Smoking Skull: LISP | Skull Heads Set

Silver Skull: PILOT  | Silver Skull

Books: Noodles | Books to Imagination {gacha}

Bunny Doll: [*Art Dummy!] | wooden rabbit (decorative) ver. 2

Items On The Floor:

Deer: Apple Fall | 6. AF Bambi Figurine {gacha}

Doll: Baiastice | BJD Collection-Devil {gacha}

Framed Butterflies: Hideki | Butterfly Taxidermy

Game: Kalopsia  | Bunny Dominos {gacha}

Boxes: {vespertine} | pattern trinket box | documents | magazines |  junk | memories

Cranes: -ATTIC-  | 1000 Paper Cranes {gacha}

Toybox:  <:*BoOgErS*:>  | Toy Box for Collab88

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