[THREE] ||| What’s On Your Kitchen Shelves


Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Shelving: Zaara | Kitchen shelf {gacha}

Top Of Shelves ( L to R )

Jars: Zaara | Pickle Jar medium, Pickle Jar large, Pickle Jar small {gachas}

Spices: Zaara | Bayleaves, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Star Anise, and Cloves {gachas}

Hanging Chilies: Zaara | Dried chillies RARE {gacha}

Utensils: Zaara | Antique brass spoon and tongs set RARE {gacha}

First Shelf ( L to R )

Shelving: ROOST | Palm View Kitchen Shelves

Towels: Glam Affair | Kitchen Towels {gacha}

Jams: Tres Blah | Kitchen Basics – Preserves {gacha}

Second Shelf ( L to R )

Tea Pot: dust bunny | . tea pot . color change {gacha}

Cans: Second Spaces | Well-stocked Pantry – canned goods {gacha}

Cereal n’ Such: Second Spaces | Well-stocked Pantry – dry goods {gacha}

Third Shelf ( L to R )

Paper Goods: Second Spaces | Well-stocked Pantry – paper goods {gacha}

Stacked Bowls: Second Spaces | Well-stocked Pantry – bowls {gacha}

Bakeware: Tres Blah | Kitchen Basics – Bakeware {gacha}

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