[TWO] ||| A Witch’s Trinkets

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

I just have to say, I have worked on this shelving unit for 3 weeks total! I am really happy with it, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

Also, a few of these items are from a new sponsor .:Candle and Cauldron:. . The things in this store are amazing and very witchy. You can find original mesh, virtual occult, and spiritual supply at Candle and Cauldron.

Listed Below: Salt Lamps can be turned on and off, and you can change the base different colors. The Witch Ball Comes in 3 different hanging lengths.

.:Candle and Cauldron:.’s Marketplace | Facebook | Plurk Flickr

Shelving: Death Row Designs | MS – Spell Supply – Divider Two

Top Of Shelves ( L to R )

Specimens: Death Row Designs | MS – Specimens: Brown Bat, Big Spider, Butterflies, Poisonous Bugs

Salt Lamp: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Medium Salt Lamp V.2.1 {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Hand Trio: {vespertine} | read my destiny hand. zodiac hand.all seeing eye hand.

Skull With Pins: SPELL | Human Skull {gacha}

Hanging Crystals: +Spellbound+  | Crystal Chandelier

Wands: IONIC | Magic Wands Display {gacha}

Hanging Poster: Oubliette | Demons Wall Hanging

Incense: Soy | OSC- INCENSE STAND {gacha}

Cat Scales: +Half-Deer+ | Magical Curiosities – Cat Apothecary Scale {gacha}

Love Potion: +Half-Deer+ |  Magical Curiosities – Vintage Heart Potion (Pink) {gacha}

Potions: SPELL | Magic Potions {gacha}

Top Row Shelves ( L to R )

Moon Phases: +Spellbound+  | Moon Chime

Goddess: +Spellbound+  | Goddess

Pyramid: +Spellbound+  | Charging Pyramid

Bottle: [Deadwool] | 5. Syringe-x {gacha}

Box: SPELL | This is their packaging for items. ❤

Tarot Hand: Kalopsia  | 9 – Tabitha’s Tarot Cards {gacha}

Skull w/Flowers: [Deadwool] | 6. Vanitas {gacha}

Chalk Board: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Go Smudge Yourself – Pine {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Bowl: SPELL | Bowl WIth Healing Herbs {gacha}

Pyramid: +Spellbound+  | Tarot Deck

Bed Pan: [Deadwool] | 4. Mystery Item {gacha}

Witch Ball: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Witch Ball – Evil Eye Ward {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Hand: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Palmist’s Hand V.2 {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Skull: [Deadwool] | 2. Fetus skull {gacha}

Doll: [Deadwool] | 1. The Mother {gacha}

Tears: +Half-Deer+ | Magical Curiosities – Tears of Enemies (Light) {gacha}

Blood: +Half-Deer+ | Magical Curiosities – Blood of Enemies (Dark) {gacha}

Specimens: Death Row Designs | MS – Specimens: Beetles – Small

Arm: [Deadwool] | 7. Corpse arm {gacha}

Geode: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Round Amethyst Geode {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Skull w/Butterflies: Kalopsia  |  7 – Tabitha’s Butterflies Skull – Yellow {gacha}

Kraken: +Half-Deer+ | Baby Kraken – Princess Grapefruit

Pyramid: SPELL | Pyramid Gemstones – RARE {gacha} {thank you lakua! ♥}

Second Row Shelves ( L to R )

Ouija: .random.Matter. |  -Spirit Set – Ouiji [Purple] RARE {gacha}

Bottles: Soy | Part Of The Essentials of Witchcraft Set: Bottled Potions set (A) + (B)

Box: MadPea | The Witching Hour – Eye of a Virgin {gacha}

Box: MadPea | The Witching Hour – Malum – RARE {gacha}

Bowl: SPELL | Healing Crystals {copper}

Pyramid: SPELL |  Gemstones Wooden Box – RARE {gacha} {thank you lakua! ♥}

Green Book: IONIC | Ancient book {mysteries} {gacha}

Books: Kalopsia  | 5 – Tabitha’s Spell Books – Red/Beige {gacha}

Terrarium: Soy | Triangle Terrarium [pyramidal] iron {gacha}

Book Set: Noodles  | Books to Dreaming {gacha}

Third Row Shelves ( L to R )

Book: MadPea | The Witching Hour – Book of Shadows {gacha} {thank you Cynarah! ♥}

Crystal Ball: +Spellbound+  | Crystal Ball – Opal {gacha}

Candle: +Spellbound+  | Amethyst Geode Candle – Black {gacha}

Frog: MadPea | The Witching Hour – Witch’s Familiar {gacha} {thank you Cynarah! ♥}

Runes: +Spellbound+  | Runes {gacha}

Witchy Items: Soy | Part Of The Essentials of Witchcraft Set: Scale, Mortar Bowl, Wooden Bowl, Turkey Feather, White sages for smoking, and Calderone

Skull Candles: +Half-Deer+ | Magical Curiosities – Rainbow Skull Candles {gacha}

Tarot Cards: S O R G O | Tarot Cards {gacha}

Jar Of Eyeballs: Mad’ – La Boucherie | Witch Bar – EyeBalls Jar {gacha}

Jar Of Hair: Mad’ – La Boucherie | Witch Bar – Hair Jar {gacha}

Book: Mad’ – La Boucherie | Witch Bar – Grimoire {gacha}

Bottles: Mad’ – La Boucherie | Witch Bar – Flasks {gacha}

Sachets: Mad’ – La Boucherie | Witch Bar – Sachets {gacha}

Bottom Row Shelves ( L to R )

Supply Kit: ~*Souzou Eien*~ | Spells & Hexes Supply Kit

Salt Lamp: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Small Salt Lamp V.2 {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Blood: +Half-Deer+ | Magical Curiosities – Blood of Enemies (Light) {gacha}

Kitty: +Half-Deer+ | Magical Curiosities – Two-Headed Cat – Look (Snow) {gacha}

Poster: [Deadwool] | 3. Motherhood keys {gacha}

Frog: MadPea | The Witching Hour – Goat Skull {gacha} {thank you Cynarah! ♥}

Open Book: IONIC | Ancient open book {astronomy} {gacha}

Doll: Baiastice | BJD Collection-Faith {gacha}

Pentagram: +Spellbound+  | Willow Pentagram {gacha}

Jewelry Dish: The Plastik | Elephant Trinkets Dark {gacha} { @The Epiphany | Ends 2.15.2017 }

Plant: +Spellbound+  | Succulent – Black {gacha}

Skull: +Half-Deer+ | Magical Curiosities – Unicorn Skull RARE {gacha}

On Floor Beside Shelves ( L to R )

Dome: IONIC | Butterfly in a dome {big} {gacha}

Broom: Death Row Designs | MS – Broom – Straddle

Skull: +Half-Deer+ | Magical Curiosities – Two-Headed Cat – Play (Onyx) {gacha}

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